We are dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and overall knowledge in the fields of crime and intelligence analysis.

What is the Crime Analysts of Illinois

The Crime Analysts of Illinois exists (C.A.I.) to enhance the effectiveness and consistency of crime analysis by assisting in the establishment of crime analysis units and by providing an information network. One of our goals is to establish a mentor program so that new analysts can visit other departments to get ideas on setting up a crime analysis unit that would conform to their particular department. C.A.I. is dedicating to exchanging ideas about crime, crime patterns, criminals, and analytical techniques. In addition,  we  act as a gateway for information exchange and sharing amongst our members and the law enforcement communities that we serve.


What is  the role of a Crime Analyst?        

The crime analyst helps law enforcement agencies and detectives focus on areas of concern, growing problems, and geographical areas in a particular jurisdiction where crime prevention techniques appear to be ineffective. Crime analysts gather, compile, and interpret data from crime reports to determine trends in a particular geographical area. A analyst carefully reviews all information including crime reports, calls for service, arrest reports, and notices from other agencies received by the police department, looking for crime occurrences such as series, sprees, hot spots, and trends. Once such a problem is identified, the analyst disseminates this information to the rest of the department. Patrol and investigative commanders use this information to develop strategies to address any emerging or ongoing crime problems. Crime Analysis involves the study of crime patterns and trends affecting a jurisdiction.

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Membership Benefits

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Crime Analysts of Illinois, you will network with other   professionals who will assist you in developing tools and techniques to enhance your role in your department.    Many analysts are part of one-person units. By joining the Crime Analysts of Illinois, you benefit from the experience of other professionals in your field.  We all have the same goal of making policing more efficient and effective.


The CAI provides free and discounted trainings on an annual basis.  Many of these training events are instructed by our  crime analyst members.  Past trainers have come from local, state, and federal agencies to encourage the use of crime analysis, develop techniques useful to agencies of any size, and provide products for analysts to integrate into their work.



Professional organizations help you enhance your career.  Crime analysts are seen as a necessary part of 21 century policing.  Members of the Crime Analysts of Illinois will continue this trend by educating, supporting, and developing crime analysts who benefit both their individual agencies, as well as local, state and federal agencies in the area.



•Access to a wide network of analysts that work on a federal, state, and local level

•Members have a wide variety of skills and are always willing to help

•Educational opportunities



The CAI holds annual training Attend or send your Analysts for unsurpassed hands-on training, presentations, networking


How Do I Join?


To become a member, contact our Vice President of Membership at crimeanalystsofil.org . You are allowed to attend one free meetings after that we encourage you to become a member with our organization. Membership is $35 (enroll any time).


Membership Items:


Upon joining Crime Analysts of Illinois Association you will receive a welcome letter, certificate of membership, list of  resources, and many more benefits and services.



1 Community Blvd.

Wheeling, IL 60090

pHONE: 847-459-2999

eMAIL: contact@crimeanalystsofil.org



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1 Community Blvd.

Wheeling, IL 60090

pHONE: 847-459-2999

eMAIL: contact@crimeanalystsofil.org



© Copyright 2014 Crime Analysts of Illinois Association, NFP. All rights reserved.